Survivor: Gallbladder Cancer (Stage II)
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October 27th, 2015

I had a terrible pain in my gut nothing seemed to help last Sat of June 2015. We went to ER After a few tests & a sonagram they decided it was my Gallstones (I had them for several years without symptoms) They admitted me and did another test I think an mri. The surgeon came to me and told me I had a polyp in my gall bladder approx 2cm plus many gall stones & he recommended removal of the gallbladder. It was done laparascopically, the surgeon asked a gastroenterologist to evaluate for an  ERCP  because he was concerned a stone was in the bile duct so I stayed on liquids for several days while he watched my liver function  blood tests. All went well and I never needed the ERCP.

Fast forward one week, We had a meeting with the surgeon who advised us that the Gallbladder was cancerous and gave me a copy of the Pathology report. He said I needed more surgury but he does not do the required procedure and told me to see my primary doctor to make a plan. When I met with my Family practice doctor she seemed to have no clue what to do, referred me to an Oncologist and another surgeon. When I saw the oncologist, he also advised me I would need more surgery. But when I met with the surgeon he explained what kind of surgery I needed and that I needed to go to a highly skilled surgeon for this type of surgery, He told me I needed to take control not waste time and not wait for my doctor as I needed to get to a specialist without delay. He recommended UCLA where he had his training or City of Hope or Loma Linda.

I called the Cancer Navigator at Loma Linda when I got home, Emailed back and forth release of information and copies of the Patholoogy report. Within days they called me for an appointment.


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