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Survivor: Cervical Cancer

44 Year Old Female

Ottawa, ON

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Cervical Cancer

Stage: I

Bragging rights

June 22nd, 2016

Because of cancer, I no longer have my period. Damn straight I will brag about that. Damn straight that makes me smile. And damn straight I won't feel guilty one bit when you ask me to stop the bragging when you are complaining that you have your 'monthlies'. Oh poor you your 'aunt Flo' is in town. Cry me a river on the price of tampons. Let me take out my teeny tiny violin. I no longer menstruate. Booyah! And yes that is me bragging while smiling at you. Hey, zip it. It's my silver lining. I had cancer. I had cells growing inside my body that were trying to kill me. I had numerous biopsies. I had surgeries. I was thrown into early menopause. I suffer from insomnia, depression and anxiety. I suffered sexual side effects that you don't even wish for me to get into. I am on hormonal replacement therapy. I have panic attacks every year the weeks leading up to my yearly exams and tests. I constantly fear reaccurance. I fear every ache and pain in my body. I go to bed thinking about cancer. I wake up thinking about cancer. I see scars on my body everytime I undress to shower. I struggle with constant exhaustion that is like no other.
So ya, no longer having a period, damn freaking straight I will brag about that.
So there. Deal with it. Heh!