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47 | Male
Jersey City, NJ

Year Diagnosed: 1997

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Thyroid Cancer

My name is Phil Ilirjan Vehap. I'm a 43 year old native New Yorker who was born and raised on the Lower East Side (before it was cool). Art was always my passion and I went to the High School of Art and Design to further develop my talents.

I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 1988 and am now a tenured Adjunct Professor in the Communication & Design dept. Prior to beginning Think Brands, a boutique Agency specializing in Beauty in Fashion, I held a Global Director's position at Avon Products.

I am a proud father of a 4 year old son, Alexander. My entire world revolves around him and my appreciation of a loving, supportive wife is eternal.

The reason I am such a fan of this site is because of the genuine path it has pursued to heighten awareness and offer a forum for dialogue for a really scary experience to many. I would love to help in any way I can so please do not hesitate to ask. I leave you with the most important affirmation I can offer...Rely on and trust your inner strength when facing adversity.



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