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I was diagnosed with stage 1b stomach cancer almost a year ago. I consume only natural foods (organic when it is available, but nothing short of the label "natural") and my vegan is predominately vegan (i don't mind consuming foods that have honey included in it, otherwise it's a vegan diet) and have refused chemotherapy but recently started radiation, which I am already thinking about stopping because of the side effects. I am one who truly believes food is medicine, and one of the main topics of cancer treatment i diet. For the most part, everything is crystal clear, especially from reading most of the articles and discussions I could find on this website, but the confusing thing to me is Sugar. Most things I have read condemn sugar all-together. Some condemn refined sugar... However, being familiar with nutrition (but by no means am I an expert), I know that many things break down into sugar/fructose when you get down to the nitty gritty of it... starches, gluten, alternative sweetners (except stevia), whole fruits. So my question is, should I just eliminate all of these foods completely? is it ok to consume fruits because of the fiber they carry with them even though fruits are comprised of fructose? There is so much information out there, and so many conflicting ideals on the same topic, that I wanted to get some info from fellow cancer fighters/survivors. Any insight to this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -Jeremy

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