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Embrace Your Scars | Cancer Poem

November 3rd, 2017 |
Creativity, Survivorship

by mrkeithcrudup | Survivor: Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma    Connect

I was standing in the mirror, looking at myself deeply, and I saw that the person I now look at is different than what he was years ago. I rubbed the left side of my neck and thought about the feel of one scar. I rubbed the right side of my neck, the site of another scar. Then I rubbed my port scar. It's raised a little more because of of the traumatic port removal I had; I'll spare you the details. But it made me realize that feeling my scars is a reminder that I'm still alive.

I'm not where I want to be mentally or physically, I still doctor appointments, but I look in the mirror or I sit in the chair or just randomly touch the scars I have from my cancer treatment. They're constant reminders how strong I am. How brave I was. How much inspiration others see in me. So when I was in the car one evening, I wrote this piece. I wanted to speak to everyone, every fighter and survivor. I'm writing to you once again.

Embrace Your Scars

Those things that no one else sees or notice, but you know they exist.
You try to overlook them when you're unclothed, they're not easily missed.
Can't help but to see them; some are big, some small, some long, some wide.
You may be able to conceal some, but others are too noticeable to hide
They're reminders however, for a life lesson, a story untold.
Conversation starters for some, others are not yet bold.
Strong enough to share your journey, your ups and downs, highs and lows
I get it, you don't want them to define you, that's not who you are, Lord knows.
However, that which meant to kill you, only put you in metamorphosis.
Cancer changed you inside and out, so that old you, couldn't exist.
The new You is powerful, strong, resilient, ever-pressing, shooting for the stars.
It took a while but I'm better, I rub mine and even smile but do it to encourage others to embrace their scars.

Do you embrace your scars? Share how you feel about your scars in the comments below!

Photo courtesy of the author.

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mrkeithcrudup's picture
Keith is a non-hodgkins survivor who did 6 Rounds of R-CHOP, between December 2016 and April 5, 2016. During his first scan his doctor noticed a small lymph node slightly bigger than what they wanted to see. The results came back benign but recently a small spot was noticed at the base of his lung. He is now waiting to see what's the next move on this journey but is trying his absolute best to stay positive and moving forward.