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How Do You Keep Track Of Your Medical Records?

May 14th, 2014 |
Awareness & Education, Caregivers

by MaayanCohen | Supporter: Astrocytoma    Connect

Maayan's frustrations with the healthcare system inspired her to quit her job and build a new app that allows people to manage and easily access their medical records. Read more to find out exactly how her app, 'Hello Doctor' works.

Four years ago, my former boyfriend started having bad headaches. They usually started around the evening time, until one day he woke up with one - that's when I knew that something was seriously wrong. I dragged him to the emergency room and 3 hours later, the sky fell on us. A scan revealed he had had a brain tumor and must undergo immediate surgery. That morning marked the beginning of 2 excruciating years of fighting cancer that included surgeries, chemotherapy, lab tests, radiations, second opinions and countless visits to doctors. I quickly realized that these doctors are part of disparate medical networks whose technology systems don't talk with each other.

Each doctor we saw gave us a net of about 10 minutes face time. Beyond the uncertainty and fear, the worst part of these meetings was trying to explain his medical condition by pulling out the relevant medical records that the doctor wanted to see out of my "medical binder." I knew that if I could not find the right document at the right time it would affect his treatment and in this case - it could even cost us his life.

This story has a couple of happy endings.

First, my former boyfriend went into permanent remission, he is doing great today and we are still good friends. The second is Hello Doctor. The frustrations of my experience with the healthcare system inspired me to quit my job and start Hello Doctor, which is intended to help millions of people who are dealing with the same frustration that I had to deal with. Today, Hello Doctor's team has 5 members - all went through a similar experience with different medical conditions – bowel disease, breast cancer, ALS and pregnancy monitoring. We have all been there, and we decided to devote our career to helping people feel less confused and more in control when talking to their doctors.

Hello Doctor is a free mobile app that empowers people to control their health.

We started with an iPad app that helps people to manage and understand their medical records. It allows you to easily aggregate all of your medical records (paper or digital) on your tablet and get to any one of them in literally just 2 taps. It allows you to share your medical records with your doctor and take notes on the medical records themselves - so that you won't forget what bothered you and resolve it in time. It's that simple and it's that useful, especially in real time - when you are facing your doctor.

A few weeks ago we found out that we are already helping people. Aileen, a 70 year old cancer survivor sent us an amazing thank you letter. "A simple flu shot meant that I have to take my 2 medical binders with me the doctor as he doesn't have access to all of my records. Your app is invaluable". This is exactly what we dreamed of when we started this project and we need your help in spreading the word about Hello Doctor. You can start by downloading Hello Doctor to your iPhone or iPad and trying it yourself - take control over your heath now.

How do you keep track of your medical files? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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MaayanCohen's picture
Maayan Cohen is the CEO and co-founder at Hello Doctor - a mobile solution that empowers people to control their health. An entrepreneur with a strong background in Biotech and Management consulting, she specializes in strategy and consumer behavior. Connect with IHC under the username MaayanCohen.